J-Hope from BTS opens about the time his collaboration with J. Cole made him cry

The two teamed for a new track called ‘On the Street’

J-Hope from the K-pop group BTS opens up about the time during his collaboration with J. Cole that made him cry. The pair released a song together called On The Street.

The rapper revealed that right before he was set to fly to New York he lost his passport and almost missed his flight altogether. Though he did manage to get there on time and was greeted by a compliment from his idol, J. Cole.

According to J-Hope, one of the first things that the American artist said to him was that the track was “fire” which touched him deeply. The moment that made him emotional though, was when he heard him saying J-Hope’s name in his part of the song.

It felt like a full circle moment for him since he has looked up to J. Cole for years and even referenced him in BTS’ first ever album in 2014.

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