Anne Marie and K-pop group G-Idle’s Minnie release their track ‘Expectations’

The song gives a strong message paired with a playful beat

American singer Anne Marie and K-pop group G-Idle’s Minnie have released their song Expectations along with its music video.

According to Soompi, the song has the theme of putting aside other people’s expectations and focusing on creating your own path. The song itself is upbeat and artfully combines Minnie’s softer vocals with Anne Marie’s powerful ones.

The song includes certain bold lyrics, quite similar to the concept of G-Idle itself. The group have been making waves since their debut for bringing up topics that are considered taboo in Korea and calling out the sexualization of idols.

Their song Tomboy brought a fresh sound and perspective to K-pop and went on to become a hit, and one of their latest tracks Nxde has done the same. The track is being applauded for fighting back against the stereotypes about female idols and women in general. 

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